Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Facelift Surgery in Bangalore

Before explaining what facelift procedure let me brief you what does Face Lift Means ?

Face Lift in a common language is simple procedure performed to remove or reduce the skin that has lost its natural elasticity usually around eyes ,jaw line mouth .

In medical Term Face Lift is called Rhytidectomy. Face Lifts are the surgical procedure, Face Lifts Involves tightening of all tissues and developing the experience of younger face which is more firm , Overall effects of face lift is removing the sign of aging or anti aging

There are lot of anti aging creams who advertise lot of commercial ads. Truth is these creams would not help us practicality, simple reason is its our body which involves cells, tissues .As a process of ageing and due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors skin looses elasticity,the underlying fat is lost considerably and loss of muscle tone occurs.these factors contribute to sagging skin. Face lift helps to correct these imperfections and makes you look youthful. We perform Face lift procedure under local anesthesia and some times mild sedation and one can go back to their home the same day and resume normal activities. Complication associated with face lifts are negligible. Additional procedure like brow lift, forehead lift, blepharoplasty(eyelids), neck lift, cheek reduction and chin augmentation helps in achieving excellent results.We are proud to say that, we are one of those few clinics performing these procedures only under local anesthesia compared to others. This helps in minimal down time, less pain and discomfort compared to use general anesthesia

Face Lifts surgery are the best solution this surgeries were not available to us 10 years back but we are now fortunate Its available to us in our places well! not all surgeons practice this it requires lot of experience and domain knowledge.We Have Our Expert Dr Kishore who has dedicated his entire carrier in cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

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